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New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand an ideal place to settle – it is a land of chances and one of the most pursued after destinations by skilled professionals looking to work and migrate to an overseas country. The country is consecutively ranking as the “low corruption ratio “Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

Being an ideal destination among immigrants across the globe, it embraces many skilled professionals (especially with a technology background) with their excellent work visa programs to increase their nation’s economic growth.

Benefits Of Getting An Work Visa For New Zealand

Every year multitude of individuals want to work and settle in New Zealand for its wealthy standards, world class job opportunities, oceanic country, and a variety of other options entice skilled workers to relocate to New Zealand every year.

Here are some of the reasons why skilled workers favor New Zealand as their destination especially Indians:

  • Working conditions are excellent and extremely high standard.
  • Country with the lowest unemployment rate across the globe.
  • Country that has immigrants from different nations like UK, Australia,India,Europe,etc.,
  • Environment that is secure and safe.
  • The health-care system and facilities are world-class.
  • Moving to Australia from New Zealand is really a feasible one.

Pathways For New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand being land of chances, welcomes approximately numerous skilled migrants of various disciplines with several immigration programs to their country each year to benefit their nation's prosperous economy and to bridge the gap between employer’s demand and human resources (HR).

New Zealand Work Visa Services Might Include:

  • Skilled Migrant Category Program
  • Residence From Work Category Program

Skilled Migrant Category Program

The Skilled Migrant Category Program is considered as the essential part of New Zealand immigration policy in the Country. Unlike other migration visas, the work visa for new zealand it has no pre-requisites for this category, which makes it most sought-after program that links various global professionals with local opportunities.

Residence From Work Category Program

This Residence From Work Program is basically divided into two main subclasses:

  • Talent Accredited Employer Visa
  • Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa

Steps Involved in New Zealand Work Visa Process

Know your eligibility based on Pre-Assessment Result (PAR).

Ensure to satisfy NZ employer- labor market- the skill select point based system.

Ensure that your sponsor(employer) completes the legal pre-requisites

Submit the Expression Of Interest (EOI) form, for further process

Application Fees

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